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Travel Tips For People With Crohns Disease

Although Crohn's Disease is a difficult disorder, you should not keep yourself from living the best life possible because you suffer from this disorder. You should continue in your life as you would without Crohn's, although a few more precautions may be necessary. When traveling, this will ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.The first thing you should do, whether you are traveling abroad or close to home, is locate a doctor in the area you will be visiting.

There are several organizations available to utilize in your search or you can simply ask your doctor for referrals.If you are taking prescription medication, you should be sure to take plenty for the duration of your trip. You should also keep it with you when you travel on the plane to avoid it being lost in the heaps of luggage. Always keep your medication in its original container and a typed statement from your doctor regarding what medications you are taking and what they are for. You will also need to get copies of all of your prescriptions, including foreign names, in case you have to refill them abroad.

However, you should avoid this by carrying enough medication with you, as filling prescriptions in other counties can sometimes be difficult.A common ailment among travelers to less developed countries is known as "traveler's diarrhea". This can be especially dangerous for sufferers of Crohn's Disease and special care should be taken to avoid it from occurring. Basically, traveler's diarrhea occurs from the ingestion of water or food that is not as stringently processed as in the United States. Steps that should be taken include being very careful about what you eat or drink; do not drink water unless you boil it; avoid drinks made from tap water, like tea or juices that may have been mixed from concentrate; use bottled water to drink and to brush your teeth with; avoid ice, ice cream, and uncooked fruits, vegetables, and meat; avoid diary products as they may not be pasteurized; and do not eat any questionable food.

If you become affected with traveler's diarrhea, take an over the counter medication and be sure to intake plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.Also watch for signs of a medical emergency, such as high fever or chills, which may be a sign of infection; profuse rectal bleeding; extreme abdominal pain; dizziness; or dehydration. If any of these occur, seek medical attention immediately.


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By: Sarah Jenkins

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