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Booze Babes and Medieval Charm A Stag Weekend in Talinn has it all

Imagine a stag weekend packed to the brim with everything that constitutes ultimate enjoyment in your mind ? a blend of cheap booze and beautiful babes all in a medieval setting. On top of that, you can engage the services of a full-bonded tour operator that will show the best that a Talinn stag weekend has to offer.So, what exactly does Talinn has that is so uniquely exciting? Well, if you are looking for a gruesome and bold adventure, there is the Mass Kidnap & Banged Up in a Russian Clink session. Perfect for a group stag weekend in Talinn, everyone in your group will be "kidnapped" by a group of Russian soldiers, placed under arrest and taken to the Patarei Prison. There you'll be subjected to prison procedure typical of prisoners and taken to a cell by warders. Amidst the occasional prison screams and cries, you are taken to a darkroom with practically no hint of daylight.

This is as close as you can get in experiencing a day in prison!.Another exciting Talinn stag weekend activity includes a beer tasting session, a banquet and a tour of a brewery. Being in the oldest brewery in Estonia, you get to learn about the history of the brewery, taste exotic beer and eat your heart out at a mini brewery restaurant. Don't forget to get some souvenirs to let others know about this remarkable place!.

Want to end your stag weekend with a night out at the hottest VIP club in town? Drop by at one of the most exclusive clubs in town, where hot girls are aplenty, plus an overflow of unbelievably low priced booze. A pint of local beer only costs between £1 and £1.50 here.

.If you are looking a stag weekend with everything planned and taken cared of, just check out Chillisauce's services at http://www.chillisauce.

co.uk for more details on your stag weekend in Talinn. As one of our managers, Shane Williss will be able to provide you with all the details you need to make this stag weekend one that you won't ever forget!.

By: Shane Williss

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