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Amorgos Museums Museums in Amorgos Island Greece

Q. Where is Amorgos Island located?.A.= Amorgos Island is located in Greece in the archipelagos called CYCLADES.Q. Is it near the Dodecanese Islands?.

A.= Yes, it is.Q.

People say that Amorgos Island is quite ancient. How ancient is it?.A.= Life existed in Amorgos Island at the end of the Neolithic age.Q. What type of life?.

A.= Life was organized?people lived in an organized society ?a society with rules and traditions.Q. Do we have proves of this statement?.

A.= Of course, we have. Some excavations done in 1985 have shown that an organized society was living in Amorgos Island from the 4th millennium B.C.

Q. How many museums does Amorgos Island have?.A. Amorgos Island has only one museum.Q.

Where is the museum of Amorgos Island located?.A.= The museum of Amorgos Island is located in the town of HORA near of the center.Q. People say that the Amorgos museum building itself represents a special attraction ?.A.

= It is so indeed. The Amorgos museum building is a 16th century style building. It is a Venetian style building. This Amorgos museum building was the home of the Gavras family? a family of rich and famous merchants.Q. What is to be seen in the Amorgos Island museum?.

A.= The museum has an archaeological collection. The collection is made of a huge rang of antiquities from Bronze Age and from the Ancient World. The ground floor is organized to show a display of ancient pieces which are prehistoric finds. The first floor has a display of sculptures, tomb relief and lots of work of art from Historic period.Q.

How can we get in touch with the Amorgos Island museum, for more information?.A.= For further information, you can place a phone call at his phone number: 228 57 18 31 or call OTE the Greek phone company for an update on the number as phone numbers sometimes change.Q.

Is there a way of transportation to get to the Amorgos Island museum? A.= Yes. There is always a way of transportation to get to the Amorgos Island museums. There is bus service. You can also go by taxi if you live outside the center.

The bus is also available if you are far from the center.

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