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Acapulco Spring Breaks

Planning on getting away from academia for Spring break? Are you ready to get your funk, your groove and your mack on? If you are searching for a spring break destination that offers a fusion of relaxation with fun and excitement, Acapulco is the best choice. Acapulco is probably best known for its beautiful beaches and plentiful sunshine, making it the best destination for a relaxing spring break. While the older part of Acapulco overlooks the bay and is home to many modern and quaint Mexican-style hotels, the new Acapulco is the center of golf clubs and luxury hotels.If you are in search for a scenic route for a walk, go to the old zocalo.

This is the best place to have street shopping fun. Here you will find street vendors, band concerts, clowns, cafes and many other sources of entertainment. This entertainment is not confined only to day hours, but this inexpensive entertainment is availaible on weekend nights as well.A trip to Acapulco is incomplete without enjoying water sports.

You can even take one day scuba lessons at the Acapulco Scuba center before jumping in for scuba driving. So if you'd like to see another side to Acapulco, consider doing so from an underwater view.In Acapulco, you can meet the most amazing animals of this world. You can go swimming with the dolphins at Delfines Paradise for a once in a lifetime experience. Oh, and let's not forget the legendary nightclubs (or as they call them, "discotheques") - the life of Acapulco's nightlife.

So for your spring break, if you're looking for fun in the sun, relaxation, a new experience, or incredible nightlife, you'll love Acapulco.

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By: Marcus Peterson

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